Say hello to the Puncs—a group of characters who don’t want to be forgotten!


Education policy promotes punctuation as an essential element in teaching literacy (under the guidelines contained in the National Literacy Strategy). The Puncs help children learn about it naturally through repetition and carefully-crafted storylines.  The habits, lives and adventures of Alec Apostrophe, Barrington Brackets, Charlie Colon, Colin Comma, Danny Dash, Emily Ellipsis, Ethel Exclamation Mark, Fergus Full Stop, Henrietta Hyphen-Hyphen, Quentin Question Mark , Samita and Sachin Speech Marks and Selina Semi Colon demonstrate and emphasise the meaning and usage of the different punctuation marks.


The Puncs live for punctuation, and they want everyone to see the difference it makes. Their characters are defined by the punctuation mark they are named after, so Fergus Full Stop is decisive and dedicated to bringing things to a halt; Quentin Question Mark is nosy and always asking questions; and Ethel Exclamation Mark is very excitable!


Written specifically for children aged seven and over, the Puncs first came to public attention in a series of colourful storybooks featuring amusing stories and lively, cartoon-like illustrations. The original Puncs books are no longer available to buy direct from this website, but The Puncs will return soon—better than ever before!

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