Colin Comma

Colin Comma, the singing postman, is the healthiest, happiest and most cheerful of the Puncs. When he was a boy, his mother, who is called Cathy, thought he had a sweet, clear singing voice, which is not surprising, as his father, Caradoc, belongs to a male voice choir, and often performs solos in his deep, bass voice.


When Colin has finished being a postman in the morning and a window cleaner in the afternoon, he jumps into his van, drives to the farm shop down the lane, and starts work again, picking up boxes of fruit, vegetables, and eggs, and loading them into his van.


Colin gets on well with all the other Puncs except Fergus Full Stop.  While Fergus is trying to do his job, bringing everything to a quick full stop, Colin is always getting on the way, endlessly on the move, never knowing when to stop,

Colin Comma

210 x 180mm

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